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Avatrade first deposit bonus. How to get it and how to take it.

Avatrade broker offers an interesting bonus on the first deposit which varies according to the amount deposited. This is about 35% from the 200 euro deposit.

Use this link to secure your bonus. You must be sure to open your account from one of the links on this page to automatically get the bonus.

Here is the exact table with deposit and corresponding bonus:

Remember that on Avatrade the minimum deposit is 100 euros. In this case, however, you will not have any bonus because it jumps from 200 euros up as shown in the table above.

For example: making a first deposit of 1000 euros, you will receive 350 euros of bonus and you can trade with 1350 euros.

This is the true balance and not the margin, or the fictitious balance that you will never be able to withdraw. Avatrade’s bonus is withdrawable after performing a certain volume of transactions. We know that there are hundreds of brokers and each of them offers their own bonuses. The first thing to do is to read the terms and conditions carefully. Often it is better not to ask for the bonus because there are brokers who even freeze your deposit if you ask for the bonus. You’ll have to make a high volume before you can even withdraw your money!

On avatrade you are sure that your deposit will remain free of the bonus (you can withdraw your deposit as and when you want). You also have the certainty that the bonus can become withdrawable after a certain number of transactions.

Avatrade Bonuses: Terms and Conditions

Let’s browse together the terms and conditions of the avatrade bonus. Here is the screenshot taken from the avatrade page:

You can also click on the image to open a new tab on the page directly on avatrade and follow me better.

Let’s analyze all 10 points together to understand how to get and withdraw our bonus without leaving anything to chance.

IMPORTANT: Learn this way of doing business because it will help you analyze all the bonuses you’ll encounter around other sites or brokers.

Clear. Promotion valid for new customers who make the first deposit;
For those who are already avatrade customer, for the whole month of July 2017 give a bonus of 1 euro per 10,000 units traded (1 minilotto ie 0.10 lots);
The bonus is paid automatically as soon as you send your documents and check your account. Clear and fair to avoid false accounts etc. ..;
Summary of the bonus amount table based on the first deposit as we already saw at the beginning of the article;
The bonus is not available to those who open an account with a “floating spread”. We are not interested because we will open a normal account with a constant spread. If your choice should come up, remember NOT to CHOOSE floating spreads.
The welcome bonus on the first deposit cannot be cumulated with other promotions. OK;
Your account is in Japanese YEN, the bonus will be converted to YEN by the official usd/yen rate (but I don’t think this is the case unless you live in Japan);
If you open an account in EURO, the bonus will be credited to you in EURO. If you deposit in dollars, you will get the bonus in dollars;
A certain trading volume must be generated to withdraw the bonus. Let’s see together the link indicated:
9a) Documents must be submitted. But we already knew this because we send them at the time of opening the account to get the bonus;
9b) You must make 10,000 units (0.10 lots) for every 1 euro of bonus received. Let’s take an example if you deposit 1000 and receive 350 euros of bonuses you’ll have to do 350 * 10,000 = 3,500,000 units traded. Said so always an impressive number but instead are only 35 lots (1 lot you remember is 100,000 units). A trader who deposits 1000 and trades with a total of 1350 euros in 1-2 months easily reaches 35 tradable lots.
Countries excluded from the bonus but not interested;
Earn the first deposit bonus
As you may have seen, bonuses may change or it is not certain that if you visit another page you will find a chance to receive this bonus. On balance this is 35% on your first deposit. For a regulated broker, with offices in Milan, with phone and chat in real time in Italian I think it’s the best you can find.

To secure the bonus we talked about on this page click the button below:

You will be directed to the following page from where you can open your account and receive the bonus on the first deposit offered by Avatrade.

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