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Best Forex Robots

Best Forex Robots One of the most controversial topics on the Forex market is undoubtedly the topic of robots. Many people who start to trade in the Forex market, find that they can not be profitable. However, the market exists, creating thousands of daily opportunities for all those who have the ability to find and exchange them.

One of the easiest ways to stay in the game is to let the machine, the Forex robot, make decisions, but there is another dilemma: Which Forex robots are the best, which robots can be trusted?


Is a European software company that since 2016 has been developing automated systems for trading on the Forex market (robots, advisors) compatible with the Metatrader 4 trading platform.

Most forex robots detected on the Internet usually do not have the appropriate support or any related services.

In iForexRobot, they have added value because they have a support team that is responsible for monitoring accounts and tracking clients to reduce risk in line with the retention of their traders’ capital and ensure that the robot works properly.

Manage your Forex robot from just $1,500

One of the advantages of robots is that emotions are left out when trading.

Since they are not afraid, they do not stop, they continue to work with their algorithms, and as long as there are appropriate conditions for trading, they will do so. However, you can always turn off automatic exposure when you see fit.

There are Forex robots that need very large accounts to trade, precisely because when the market is unfavorable, the accumulated losses (Drawdown) can be very high.

iForexRobot understands that not all traders have a lot of capital to trade with, so they have developed robots capable of trading accounts over $1500 and above, with results that are consistent and verifiable over time.


The main automated system IForexRobot is the system “PipHiker”.

This robot allowed some operators to double their accounts in just 6 months, it sounds good, doesn’t it?

One of the secrets of PipHiker is that it is able to protect traders’ accounts from large market movements, as it uses hedging strategies similar to the network, while maintaining short and long positions.

It trades on 1-minute charts, using classic indicators such as RSI and MACD to trigger orders.

The currency pairs that it usually trades on are EUR-USD, AUD-NZD and GBP-JPY, the pairs that are historically best suited for robot trading.

To trade PipHiker, it is recommended to use at least two unbound pairs to avoid large losses when the market moves in a strong direction.

PipHiker’s results in 2018.

Movement is demonstrated by walking, and PipHiker results are demonstrated by the evolution of several trading accounts managed by this robot in 2018.

This year market conditions were favorable and PipHiker EA could use them.

Although, as iForexRobot warns, the success is due not only to the good work of the robot (which has an important role to play in the success), the success is also influenced by factors such as quick execution of the Forex broker used, selected pairs, risk configuration and constant monitoring of open positions.

What we can never control is the risks associated with the market, so we need to focus on what we can control.

The best Forex robot.

The iForexRobot has a large number of Forex robots at its disposal that constantly monitor, but the Piphiker case is quite interesting because it seems to be unaffected by any endangered market situation.

Some systems that work in a more traditional way can be affected by brokers with big differences, but this is not the case.

How to be successful in Forex trading with robots?

Although the choice of an expert advisor is crucial for success because it is the operational advantage, it is not the only factor influencing the ultimate success.

The fact that an account grows in time using trading robots is related to making the right decisions in very specific times.

What factors will influence our success in trading with Piphiker?

Choosing the best currency pairs

For our system to work, we need to trade unrelated currency pairs.

Unbound or negative currency pairs are those that move with opposite trends. If one goes up, the other goes down and vice versa.

With this simple decision we are eliminating a large part of the market risk, which happens when an event that we have not taken into account causes a strong movement of currencies and if we are trading with correlated markets, they would all move in the same direction.

The currency pairs with the most successful transactions are the Australian dollar at the crossroads between the New Zealand dollar, the euro and the dollar, and in October it worked very well, the euro and Canadian dollar changeover.

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