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Better trading platforms and tips to choose from

Better trading platforms and tips to choose from. In this space we will analyze the best trading platforms available in the market; in addition, we offer very useful tips to know which trading platform to choose. The platforms we will see are the following: MetaTrader, WebTrader, CTrader, ProRealTime and Visual Chart Which is your favorite?

Better trading platforms and tips to choose from

Tips for choosing the best trading platform
The trading platform is much more important than it seems, because it is the one that allows you to transfer your trading knowledge to the real market. Therefore, we offer you some useful tips to choose the best trading platform for you.

The trading platform you choose must be complete in terms of the functionalities it offers, but it is important that it is accessible to you in terms of its use. Everyone’s computer skills vary greatly.
You should assess whether you choose a proprietary platform or a multibroker. Analyze whether spending time learning how a particular broker’s trading platform works compensates you or whether you prefer the possibility of being able to trade with the broker you consider appropriate.
It is important that you make sure that the platform’s software is compatible with the equipment you have. It is increasingly common to offer platforms accessible from any device, but remember that the options for customization of these are usually more limited.
Before you become loyal to a trading platform, try it. In most cases these offer a free demo where you can try it out, make sure you have worked with it for at least 10-15 hours to make sure it is the best trading platform for you.
It’s almost certain that you won’t find the perfect trading platform; therefore, a list of pros and cons is highly recommended, as it will help you evaluate the best trading platform for you among the different options.
Once you have made the decision on which is the best trading platform, go deeper into its functionalities. Having a complete mastery of our trading platform is one of the success factors in the world of financial markets.
Our last advice to choose the best trading platform is, not to start trading in real with it until you have a maximum domain of it, especially everything related to the management of operations (tracing supports / resistances, stop loss, dynamic stop …)

Tips to choose the best trading platform

Best trading platforms: MetaTrader
MetaTrader is the world’s most popular trading platform. Many online brokers have purchased the software license and offer it free of charge to their clients.

MetaTrader is one of the best trading platforms because it is an “all-in-one”, it has almost everything we need to analyze the market and execute daily operations. It is specially created for trading in the Forex market and trading with CFD´s.

This trading platform has powerful charts, an extensive list of indicators and the possibility to use automatic trading systems.

In addition to the classic version of downloading on a computer, MetaTrader also has a web-based trading format and versions specially designed for smartphones and tablets (compatible with iOS, Android and Windows).

Best trading platforms: MetaTrader

MetaTrader: Software Information
In this section we analyze information about MetaTrader software and see the features that make it one of the best trading platforms.

Information Availability
Monthly cost No
Free Trial Yes
Email Alert Yes
Mobile Alert Yes
Direct trading on the chart Yes
Built-in Graphics Yes
Live Support Yes
Indicators and studies Yes
Possibility of constructing own indicators Yes
Market order Yes
Rastro Stop order Yes
Limit order Yes

Best trading platforms: xStation
xStation is the platform of the XTB Broker. Created in collaboration with the clients of the house, it has all the tools that an investor may need in its operation.

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