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Best Italian Regulated and Reliable Forex Trading Brokers

Authorized and reliable online Forex Broker Trading: list of the best
In this guide we offer you technical explanations and opinions about the best reliable Forex brokers for online trading (with Consob regulations/License and/or Cysec.

Most forex brokers also have CFD trading available.

There are a lot of traders who, before starting to trade with a trading platform and any Currency Forex broker for scalping, are looking for information about it, also because of some metropolitan legends about Currency Forex.

How many times have you heard that you should be an experienced trader to manage your financial losses, and as a result Forex trading is not suitable for all investors?

Obviously this rule, this statement has no foundation today, since you can minimize all risks thanks to even the smallest accounts or demo accounts.

By means of the forex demo account without deposit, you will be able to trade online, trading without risking your own money.

If you have savings and want to make a safe investment then start making a financial culture on guides such as Meteofinanza.com or even thanks to the free Webinars offered by the Forex platforms themselves.

In fact, as you can already see from the table above about the Italian Forex brokers allowed to compare, there are some platforms that offer the ability to open an account even with a minimum low deposit, only 100 € and then there are also traders who prefer to open accounts with a larger deposit.

Therefore, choosing a Forex broker trading, based on the features it offers, is really important.

Thanks also to the demo account offered by most Forex brokers, today it is possible to do forex trading without testing its services and strategies, without risking sums of money and above all learning first to understand how to use Forex Trading and then to understand how to adopt the best forex strategies.

Thanks to these systems, we can say that Forex trading is suitable for all traders, even beginners. Online brokers allow all traders to trade from home without going to any branch.

Compare Forex Brokers
Best Italian Regulated and Trusted Forex Trading Brokers [List] Best Forex Broker: Which one to choose?

The Forex Brokers that you will find in this guide, are all certified and authorized, most of them have licenses to operate CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission) and many of them have also requested and obtained regulations CONSOB (National Commission for Companies and the Stock Exchange) for the Italian market on the basis of MiFID or other licenses.

Minimum Deposit
This is the minimum amount that a trader must pay to open a real trading account, i.e. the first payment to be made.

Leverage is just a useful tool for a trader to trade with less money invested. When you hear about the max lever, we mean the maximum value of the lever.

The leverage varies from country to country, which means that if you operate in the United States, for example, it is the same as the 50:1 ratio established by law, while operating in Europe, you can exploit it up to 400:1 for professional traders.

ESMA has placed limits on the leverage of all retail clients. The maximum allowed is 30:1 and all Forex and CFD brokers will have to adapt.

So from now on, when you hear about leverage of more than 30:1 you are only turning to professional traders.

Keep in mind that if leverage multiplies the ability to make profits, it also multiplies the ability of loss. So we have to be careful about that.

In order to understand the concept better, we will give an example, because this is a very important subject.

Suppose you select 100:1 leverage and invest 1 €.

With 100:1 leverage we invest one euro but carry out operations for 100 €. All profits and losses must be related to the latter amount and not to the money we invest. In this way, if the direction is not as expected, we could lose the invested capital.

Demo account
The Forex Demo Account is a free account type granted by Forex brokers to all traders to gain trading experience.

To benefit from the demo account and trade without money many Forex brokers require only little information and is often also free! To open a demo account with the online broker IQ Option you only need to provide your email address and choose a password.

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