Overestimated Forex Broker Functions

Forex Broker

When choosing a Forex broker it is very common to research all the functions and features available to you, as they can directly affect your buying decision. While this makes sense as a consumer, some of the features may, quite frankly, not be necessary. One of the main overrated features …

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Commodities in the forex market


Like any market, the Forex market is correlated, to a greater or lesser extent, with the rest of the markets, be they indices, commodities, therefore in general terms with the commodities market. The most important of all commodities (although we are beginning to have a great variety of commodities that …

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Tips for identifying Forex trends


In the Forex market one of the most important things you need to know is the direction of the general trend. While many people will be writing about the different trends and their time periods, the reality must be that they are concerned about the general direction of the currency …

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Trend Strategy with Moving Averages


It is a pleasure to reach you all again and this time to show you (after several months of patient follow up) a strategy that can be a useful tool in your trading. I am referring to the Perfect Order strategy that belongs to Kathy Lien and you can find …

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Renko Stop and Reverse Forex Strategy


Trend markets that have long been expanding are one of the most profitable markets a trader could trade. This is especially true if the trader could catch the start of a trend and exit when it ends. You may have heard of shops that are trapped from the beginning and …

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Forex Brokers for Scalping

Forex Brokers

To start trading with the best Forex brokers simply follow the simple steps below: The first step is to register your broker of choice. We always remember to use secure, regulated and authorized Forex brokers. After that, we can make the first deposit whether it is a demo account or …

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Best Italian Regulated and Reliable Forex Trading Brokers

Forex Trading

Authorized and reliable online Forex Broker Trading: list of the best In this guide we offer you technical explanations and opinions about the best reliable Forex brokers for online trading (with Consob regulations/License and/or Cysec. Most forex brokers also have CFD trading available. There are a lot of traders who, …

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Share broker (CFD): Available assets


Another different point between equities and CFDs are precisely the assets that can be bought and sold. When we talk about the classic stock market, of course, we can only buy or sell shares. But when it comes to CFD contracts, then the list of available assets gets longer, as …

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Stock broker: Buy Shares or Trade CFDs?

Stock broker

Buying stocks or trading CFDs is a question that many would-be traders often ask, because they are interested in investing their savings in online trading. However, the difference between CFDs and shares on the stock exchange is clear and distinct: they are two completely different worlds, which obviously work differently …

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