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Share broker (CFD): Available assets

Another different point between equities and CFDs are precisely the assets that can be bought and sold. When we talk about the classic stock market, of course, we can only buy or sell shares. But when it comes to CFD contracts, then the list of available assets gets longer, as we can see below:

Equity indices
Forex currency pairs
Raw materials
Thanks to CFD contracts, in fact, it is possible to speculate on the trend of all these types of assets, since as we explained above, when you buy or sell a CFD contract, we are not really buying or selling the underlying asset. In addition, if you only consider equities as an asset, you usually have access to national equities when trading on a stock exchange, whereas CFD trading allows you to invest in equities on all of the world’s major stock exchanges.

How to Buy Shares with the IQ OPTION Broker – Invest or Make Stock Trading

Stock broker: Buy Shares or Trade CFDs?

Data provided by the broker IQ Option, to show how their trading platform has grown over the years: incredible results, synonymous with quality and professionalism.

Equity trading often requires considerable sums to start trading shares: we talk about at least a figure of €5000 – €10,000. Instead, as we have seen with CFD trading, even just €100-200 is enough to open a trading account. On the IQ Option, however, only €10 is required to open a trading account.

A great advantage for all those inexperienced traders who would like to try to invest in shares but do not know where to start or do not have a large amount to invest (or at least do not want to invest it for fear of losing it). In addition, the IQ Option broker also offers free demo accounts for all clients who want to try out the IQ Option platform and practice safely.

With the IQ Option broker you can invest not only in equities, but also:

Equity indices
Currency pairs
Raw materials
Trade shares on IQ Option!
The IQ Option broker is definitely a very popular broker not only in the Italian market, but also in the European one. The flagship product was binary options, which are now available only to professional traders and no longer to retail traders. With these financial instruments it is necessary to predict whether the value of an asset increases or decreases within a certain period of time (called maturity in jargon). Today, however, there are countless assets, while binary options have been banned by ESMA.

Recently the broker IQ Option has decided to expand, introducing Forex and CFD trading. This means that the IQ Option broker is a complete broker in every respect and there are very few brokers who can boast such a varied offer, even within the reach of less experienced traders. Below, for example, you can see the IQ Option trading platform in action.

So you can not only trade shares starting with a free trading account and a real one from €10, but you’ll have the opportunity to:

Trading CFDs;
Do forex trading
In addition, IQ Option is also introducing the first features of social trading. A real-time Chat Room has recently been introduced, where all IQ Option users can write to share opinions, ideas, analysis in real time, and clarify their doubts/questions about online trading. If you would like to learn more about the IQ Option broker, please see our detailed IQ Option review.

Best Stock Brokers: Should I buy stocks or trade CFDs?

As we have seen, there are various differences between equities and CFDs. A first subdivision between the two can be made with the capital you have available to invest: remember that equities require at least a couple of thousand euros. If you can’t afford that amount then you should consider the alternative of CFD trading. In this case, please remember to choose only regulated and secure cfd brokers for your CFD trading, to avoid unpleasant scams.

Open a trading account on 24 Options, a trusted and regulated broker!
Regardless of the type of trading you choose, you will always have to practice. Look for a broker who will offer you a demo account, possibly free of charge, so you can practice virtual money and never risk your capital. Don’t forget to always use a tried and tested and reliable trading strategy, as well as to study the basics of online trading such as technical analysis, fundamental analysis and interpretation of financial charts.

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